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LWV - Sonoma County
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The Voter - November 2021

Published on 11/14/2021
The Voter



November 18th from 6PM to 7:30PM



How to Be Water Wise!


Featuring Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park & Sonoma Water Departments


  • Hear what are our cities and the County of Sonoma Water Agency are doing to help us save water.


  • What canwedo at home and at work?


Join the Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 876 3469 7674

Or VisitLWVSonoma.orgfor the link


Printable Flyer

The Public Is Welcome.
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Help Introduce Future Voters to the Importance of Voting!

Join the Sonoma LWV Youth Program

The Sonoma League has stepped up our mission to reach out to the county’s high school and college students. We hope to ignite students’ interest in democracy and civic engagement. We have formed a Voter Service sub-committee to explore ways to impact the youth of Sonoma County.

The Youth Program’s goals are simple. We will:

  • Register & pre-register high school and college students in Sonoma County
  • Help high school & college students knowhowto vote
  • Help high school & college students understand where to find information on ballot issues and candidates

Our first meeting in October was well attended. We learned that our current High School program, expertly designed and delivered by Elaine Covell and Nancy Lewis, is back in action after a break due to Covid 19. Elaine and Nancy are currently presenting the curriculum to High School seniors at a number of Sonoma County schools.

We are exploring additional ways to reach into High Schools and College campuses. A number of great ideas were shared. We’ll be fine tuning these ideas in our November meeting.Please join us!!We’d love your help.

What could be more rewarding than bringing the love of democracy and civic engagement to our county youth?

Sonoma League Youth Program Meeting

Friday, November 19that 4pm

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 876 8318 8887

Because democracy is not a spectator sport!!

Message from Our President
Donna Roper


This month is a time to give thanks so I thought I would show my appreciation to the Board members who show up, stand up and speak up for the Sonoma County League of Women Voters. The board is all volunteer as the League has no paid staff members.

I believe Juanita Roland is our longest serving board member and she has worn many hats. For quite a while, she was treasurer (and we all know how hard it is to find another person to take over that job!)and is now heading up communications. She was instrumental in our new website design . With Iris Levitis, they help keep all the members in the know via our website and newsletters. Iris, our youngest member is very thoughtful in her probing questions on how the League can improve going forward and reminds us of the value and challenges of younger participants.

Linda Rosen – a retired financial person – was perfect to take over Treasurer duties this year and already, her expertise has helped us develop policies and procedures to protect the organization in the future. Lee Lipinski – our newest board member – has taken the position of VP of administration. She and Linda will keep our office humming and organized. Lee also headed up the Voters Services committee in the past.


Voter Services Chair is now held by Karen Weeks who brings a wealth of knowledge on government as she worked for the city of Sant Rosa for many years and sits on the Planning Commission. Karen and her team will be setting up the candidate forums as well as the Pros and Cons information which helps voters decide on the important issues.


Those important issues are discussed, researched, and made available to members through the advocacy committee which is headed by Leona Judson. She too has held different positions in the League and is incredibly thorough and diligent. If Leona says she will do something, its done! Gene Zingarelli stays very active in this committee and has done so for years.


Jim Masters became involved with the League because of his expertise in the Census and he has since used his research skills to keep us all engaged and informed about issues in the county. Jim also oversees stocking voter registration forms at libraries and other places of interest.


Judie Coleman is our enthusiastic membership guru. She reaches out to every one of our new members to help them be involved. She also can take a great idea and run with it as she has done with the new Observer Corps.


Gayle Peterson knows how to throw a party and is a great hostess. As our Program Chair, she will organize meetings and socials.


Last but not least, is Debbie McKay who steps up to do just about anything needed by the League which included being the past president and current Secretary. Not only is she hard-working, but she is SO smart. She is our go to person for all things League related and writes wonderful articles.


I also want to thank three people involved in youth development – Lynn Dooley, Elaine Covell and Nancy Lewis - as well as Sue Jackson who oversees the Voter’s Edge information.


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

LWVSC Calendar


Coming Events

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  • Fall Kickoff Meeting-Thursday, November 18, 2021, 6:00 PM See Flyer on Page 1
  • Observer Corp Advanced,Friday, November 19, 2021, 10:30 AM until 11:30 AM, Register online.
  • Sonoma League Youth Program Meeting,Friday, November 19, 2021 at 4pm, see information above.


Standing Meetings

Check the online calendar, as some meetings change around the holidays.
  • Board of Directors,1st Saturday of the month from 10:30 AM to Noon
  • Advocacy Committee-1stTuesday of the month from 10:30 AM to Noon
  • Voter Service Committee- 1stThursday of the month from 2:00 to Noon
  • Book Group: 3rdThursday of the month from 10:30 AM to Noon. No December Meeting




November 19--Choose Books for 2022

This is the time we choose our list for the coming year. It's a great time to hear about many interesting reading possibilities. Even some that are not selected may strike your fancy. We'd love to have you join us

Watch this space for the new list, coming soon.

Leona Judson, VP
Our latest meeting this month included updates on various issues that we have been following. Here are the headlines:
• Cannabis & Water- The Board of Supervisors was to vote on whether to extend the moratorium on the controversial multitenant agricultural permits for cannabis growers. There was good news and bad news on that vote. The BOS voted to extend the moratorium, but limit all future applicants to no more than 10,000 sq.ft per parcel. However, renewals of permits under the ministerial process may continue without CEQA analysis.
• Groundwater Sustainability Agencies- The three agencies each presented for public comment their long-term plans for monitoring and managing the three most at risk aquifers in Sonoma County. Once approved by the state, the plans will start going into effect. Members of our league attended these events. Our league strongly supports better management of these groundwater basins.
• Transportation- Rick Luttmann is our representative. He reported that a new director for the SMART train has been selected. His name is Eddy Cumins. The general feeling is that he will be an excellent replacement for Farhad Mansurian who is retiring.
Future Plans- Leona will be working with the committee to increase its membership and scope of activity for the new year. We are looking for issues that we are passionate about and want to work on. At our December meeting we will do some brainstorming about actions and ways to increase our effectiveness with public outreach. All are welcome. We meet next on December 7th at 10:30 AM. Check our web calendar for the Zoom link. One last word, do join us for our annual Kickoff meeting on November 18th. It’s all about water conservation. Invite your friends and family. We are working with the Program committee to put this virtual event on.

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Gayle Peterson, Programs
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Jim Masters, Member at Large

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