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5.6 Million Letters to Voters

The midterm elections and our 2022 letter writing campaigns are now officially over, and I’m so proud of all that the Vote Forward community has accomplished this year. Between The Big Send, Vote Forward Labs experimental campaigns, and the Georgia Senate runoff,you wrote more than 5.6 million letters to voters!
4.4 million letters written ahead of The Big Send mail date on October 29. 1.2 million letters written to Georgia voters ahead of the Senate runoff. 176,000 letters written as a part of Vote Forward Labs experiments.
That’sa lotof voters! 5.6 million people is about equal to the population of Finland, Lebanon, or the state of Minnesota. It’s enough to fill Michigan Stadium—the largest stadium in the U.S.—51 times. If you lined each of these 5.6 million letters up end-to-end, they’d stretch a distance of about 1,000 miles.
While it’s difficult to visualize the sheer number of voters who received a handwritten letter encouraging them to vote this year, it’s not difficult to express the impact these letters have on our democracy. Every vote counts, but this is especially clear in elections where the margin comes down to a matter of tens, hundreds, or thousands of votes. Each letter may have been the push an unlikely voter needed to participate in our democracy, and with more than 5.6 million letters written, those voters likely determined the outcome in many elections across the country.
As for what comes next, stay tuned for more from our team in the new year about upcoming letter writing campaigns! If you’d like, it’s never too early to start stocking up on stamps, paper, and blue pens for next year!
Once again, I want to express how thankful I am for your involvement in writing letters this year. None of this work would be possible without this community.
Scott Forman
Founder & Executive Director
Vote Forward